Nothing About Industry, A Lot About EVERYTHING

Recently, my daughter had to write a short essay from a list of topics for her English class.  I wanted to share.  There is a whole lot of wisdom in this teenager’s thoughts………..

One of the things that confuse me most in life is why people accept average or less than average.  People live in a world of mediocrity, settling for something less than what life could offer them.  People don’t excel.  Many people don’t even try.  We live in a society of people who believe “I can’t”.  This country exposes us to a world of opportunity.  The sky is the limit.  Only our imaginations and drive can stop us.  When people are young children, they have big dreams, larger than life goals.  They want to be actors, astronauts, lawyers, and doctors. Then as we age, those dreams fade.  People begin to accept less, they allow themselves to be less.  They lose any kind of drive to do better.  People just settle, and I just don’t understand that.

It confuses me how people who live like this know that they can do so much better.  But they do nothing or choose wrongly.  People choose drugs and alcohol, drop out of school, get small jobs or don’t work at all.  So many have accepted a life where dreams, goals and ambitions are non-existent.  It seems that they forget what they dreamed of when they were still young.  Every day people wake up in the morning and do the same thing, day in and day out, with no better results than the day or year before.  They continue to choose a lifestyle that does not promote “the best that I can be”.

Fortunately for me, I still have that child in me.  I still dream and hope to do great things in my life. And I refuse to be part of the “I can’t” group of people.   How I act now and how hard I try now reflects over to how I am going to act and try in my future.  They are great habits and life rules to live by.  In other words, trying my best now will only benefit me in the long run.   I will bring that child in me forward in life.  I will live and strive for the fullest life can bring.  My sky is my limit and there is no end to my imagination.  I can and I will.

We should all live by these words.  Can you find that child in you?

Sherri Sherpy


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