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Liannet Vera

NMLS# 1485567

"iLive for my son
iLove Chicago
iWork hard for my clients
iPray for the Cubbies"

“Prior to getting back to mortgages, I did commercial insurance for about 4 years. That experience led me to have a realization which was, I needed to get back to doing mortgages because simply, I enjoyed it more.

People look at me funny when I tell them that I truly enjoy doing mortgages just as much as I love having some real good Cuban food. I get the blind stare followed by the statement, “are you serious”? (they know that food is something serious for me) but back to the point- the funny thing is, I really do enjoy doing mortgages!

There’s something about getting a great reaction from a client who is truly grateful for all that was done to make his/her dream come true. Even after having been doing this for some time, that feeling doesn’t get old. I look forward to hearing from you.”

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