Interest Rates Forecast

first-home-buyersWhile nobody can claim to know where rates are headed, we make a point of knowing more than enough to make accurate, educated guess and equip ourselves with cutting edge tools to ensure that you get the best rate possible. We do this by counseling, tracking and forecasting. As well, our loan officers receive alerts to aid in locking your loan at the optimum time.

All of our loan officers can counsel and track rates for you using cutting edge, web based software that will set target rates for you and automatically shop your transaction 3 times a day until your mortgage interest rate and closing cost specifications are met. It’s expensive, but you’re worth it! If you would like us to track a target rate for you, please let us know!

mortgage_ratesWhile we use many forecast methods and market modeling methods, we encourage you to follow along as well. Here are some forecasts you may be interested in reading:

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