How to Improve Your Credit Prior to Buying a Home

iLoan recommends iQualifier as a powerful credit analytics tool to show you the way.

If you’re looking to pre-qualify for a home and want a lower rate or better loan program, iLoan recommends iQualifier to enable you to analyze your credit history with the same tools that lenders and credit agencies use. Additionally, it takes you beyond that analysis demonstrating how different financial decisions may affect your credit in the months ahead. iQualifier can help you:

• Better understand your credit standing
• Improve your financial decision making
• Achieve your financial goals (& target credit score)
• Save money (your credit scores affect insurance costs, car loans, credit cards, etc. so this can add up as an investment)

iQualifer offers a powerful credit management tool. Get the information and guidance you need to take control of your financial history and make your future happen.






2Say goodbye to guessing – our Score Simulator enables you to make smart credit management decisions based on real information. Its’ powerful technology analyzes your spending and payment habits, simulates how various actions you take affect your score, and shows what different decisions mean for you and your family.







4Based on your history, iQualifier will devise an action plan that helps you reach your scoring goals. This plan provides ongoing guidance and automatically adjusts to accommodate changes that might occur in your credit history, such as new purchases or loan pay-offs.








6Every month you’ll receive a new TransUnion credit report and credit score so you can track your progress. Nothing is more motivating than knowing you are working toward the future you want.









8We’ll send personalized, monthly email updates to help you stay on track.








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