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Deb Muelken

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PROFILE – MMS, Mortgage Loan Officer – Personal NMLS ID 103522 & Co. NMLS ID 4474

PROFILE – NMLS ID # 364933

Deb Muelken is a Senior Mortgage Consultant; however, most know her via her title, The Mortgage Lady! Currently working at iloan Home Mortgage, and excited about the iloan team and the knowledge they bring to the industry. Education has always been one of her biggest goals that she sets for her clients. Many joke after a meeting with Deb, the Mortgage Lady, they are ready to join the mortgage industry because of all she made them learn. Deb says “I never want someone to be surprised at the closing table, and the best way to prevent that is to make sure they receive their education at the prequalification table.”

The mortgage industry is one that is changing on a daily basis, what you can do one day, is against the guidelines the next. When the foreclosure market hit strong, many banks with REO properties did not have a retail division to send potential buyers to have their qualification reviewed. REO companies can face up to a 40% failure to close ratio because of approvals given and not being current with today’s guidelines. For many years, Deb held the position of REO Lending Specialist and companies sent buyers to her for review, and if she said they would close, they closed!

Can one be a jack of all trades, yet master of none? Can one loan officer say they can write all the programs available out on the market, yet not know the details of each. Unfortunately, yes, and it is done every day. Deb saw aligning herself with the iloan Home Mortgage as an opportunity to work as a team with everyone bringing their strengths to the table, so that all clients benefit, we can write all the programs available, and together have the knowledge of all.

Purchasing a home can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life; it ranks right up there with death and divorce.

Deb, the Mortgage Lady is in the mortgage business because she cares about people, and wants to make sure they have the best experience possible when buying a home.


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iloanhomemortgage_mortgage_toolsMortgage tools such as calculators, mobile apps, and glossaries can be found in the links below.



Home Value Calculators

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Mortgage Glossary

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My Welcome Letter – Getting Started with iLoan

Thanks for considering me for your loan officer.

If you’re curious about my company, we are the biggest mortgage lender in MN that you’ve never heard of. We underwrite and fund our own loans and then subsequently sell off the loan to any one of many different “end investors” that I’m sure you’ve heard of (i.e. Wells Fargo, Sun West, Franklin American Mortgage Company, GMAC, Flagstar, Mortgage Services III, LLC, Chase, Affiliated, Provident, PHH, etc.). While I have the capacity to broker loans to other lending institutions, I primarily act as a correspondent lender with funding and delegated underwriting authority for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, RD, MHFA, VA and FHA loan products. For my personal resume click here and for our company Better Business Bureau rating, click here.

A lot of the mortgage process can be handled online and over the phone these days. What I typically like to do is get all of the essential information that would be needed to process the pre-approval ahead of time and then, when we meet or schedule a conference call, we’ll take that time to go over options. Otherwise, we’ll end up going over paperwork and forms that are less relevant to your interests. A third option (and a very popular one) would be to do a video conference at where you can see me, hear me and see my computer screen. This seems to work better for most of my clients but I can accommodate a change in plans if you need.

This front-end process comes in 3 steps. The three steps come in this order:

(1) Apply online. To start this process, click here. You can schedule an application over the phone if you prefer but the online application is quicker and most people opt for it because it is less intrusive on a person’s schedule.  To learn why this is the most important step in the loan process, click here.

(2) Collect needed paperwork for the transaction. Although I can provide you with a checklist that’s tailored to your specific transaction, it’s a better idea for you to get an idea of what will be needed now; to see this list, click here. This information is not required for a pre-approval but the strength of your pre-approval will be reinforced by proper review of this material so it is highly recommended.

(3) Schedule a face to face meeting, conference call or video conference to go over the options that you have, how these options will fit in with your short and long term plans, suggestions that could improve your options (if applicable), principles of floating a rate vs. locking a rate, interest rate forecasts, general lending industry questions and anything else that you have on your mind.

After these 3 steps, I’ll pre-underwrite the loan directly through FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac so that your approval can be strong and you can have full confidence in your financing. I really look forward to working with you. Feel free to e-mail or call me anytime about any of this.

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