If You Are Not Doing a 90 Day Burn Now, When Are You Going to Start?

ar129954258296536If you are not doing a 90 day burn now, when are you going to start?

Ok, we can all stand around the water cooler and compare our successes and frustrations with our current real estate market, and sometimes that is a great way to get and share ideas.  However, if you are finding yourself mostly getting negative feedback these days around that water cooler, you have a choice to make.  Will I survive 2011, or am I going to be one of the many real estate agents that will retire from this career???

So, just not getting the contacts that you once were, and the referrals are coming in slower than what you have experienced in the past?  And, that marketing budget is not what it once was…

Best get out there and commit to a 90 day burn, if you want to survive and thrive in 2011.

Open Houses!  Ugh, you say, hate Open Houses!  Well, if you have enough contacts flowing into your database, than do not read further, if you are short contacts, keep reading.

For the next 90 days, commit to doing at least 1 open house per week, minimum.  Better yet, one on the weekend and one during the week.  And people, please put a little thought and homework into knowing the area you are going to hold an open house.

When you are holding an open at one home, please do your homework, and have at least two to three other homes that are similar that you can offer to show folks, at a later time, maybe that afternoon after you finish your open.  Imagine, instead of sounding sales like, if you offer a couple other options, you will sound service like, and maybe come across be more likeable!  You will certainly come across more knowledgeable.

Signage is everything, if people can easily get there, they will stop!  And, just like the garage sale with the best signage, does the best business, get those signs out to make it easy to find you!  There might be that one beautiful home that folks would just love, but, if it a maze to get there, make sure you have the signs out for directions!


And, please, get the names and numbers to contact these folks back.  If you have 15 people through and only have 2 names and numbers, you failed.  Have a reason for them to want to give their information to you.  For example, offer a free foreclosure hotlist, or for the “nosy neighbor” a report of what their area is doing.  Obviously, do not have the information with you, but, something you will email to them!

Now, partner up with a loan officer, and turn those contacts into future buyers!

If you are not going to do a 90 day burn now, when are you going to start?

Here to a great 2011!  Deb – The Mortgage Lady!

Deb (Brengman) Muelken – NMLS ID 364933 deb@iloanhomemortgage.com 651-353-8531


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